TAFHub is a .NET class that enables testers to easily use combinatorial data in automated tests.

There are two package formats, one as a NuGet package suitable for use with Visual Studio when writing tests for DevOps. The other is as a zip file for installation in PowerShell, and also containing the TAFHubAnalyser tool.


The nuget package is available at:

ZIP File

For use with combinatorial testing in PowerShell, or to use the TAFHubAnalyser tool, download the following file:

Download and install this file.

Installation of the TAFHubAnalyser

  • Download the zip file
  • Create a folder “TAFHubAnalyser” and expand the zip file into it.
  • Run the TAFHubAnalyser from this folder and include the path to the the TAFHub configuration json file as its parameter.

Installation for PowerShell

  • Download the zip file
  • Create a folder “TAFHubAnalyser” and expand the zip file into it
  • Start a PowerShell session
  • Change to the TAFHubAnalyser folder
  • Run the “Setup.ps1” script from the PowerShell folder to register the DLLs into PowerShell
  • Consider the various Sample scripts
  • To run the TAFHubAnalyser from PowerShell, run it from the TAFHubAnalyser folder


Consult the following document in the zip file:

README.mdA full description of the capabilities of the TAFHub Combinatorial Test Data management solution for .NET
User Guide.mdThe API guide for the TAFHub user classes and methods
TAFHubAnalyser.mdA description of the operation of the TAFHubAnalyser

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