Services Overview

TestPro provides specialist testing services for most established Enterprise software systems. Our expertise in this area is unrivaled by our competitors who can only offer generic test services. These include:

  • Building, Configuring, Maintaining and Executing tests in Virtual Environments (Citrix)
  • Leveraging the range of options creating frameworks in Smart Cloud Environments
  • Implementing TAF Pro Automated Test Frameworks for Continuous Integration
  • Maximo CMS Workflow Testing
  • Middleware Messaging Testing
  • Mobile Applications and Device Testing
  • Automation of all aspects of Web Application Testing
  • Automating test suites exercising and verifying SAP Financial Workflows
  • Headless Testing (including Network Performance, SOAP, REST, JMS Notifications, MQ Series, HTTP Request/Reply response times)
  • Automated Performance Testing of all support application types and systems
  • Scheduled Automated Functional Regression Testing

Typically our offerings best assist clients by reviewing existing processes and work practices and then streamlining these activities by implementing standards and common frameworks for teams to work within as described below.

What can we Offer you?

Services Offerings

  • Specialised Enterprise System Software testing
  • Test strategy and management
  • Test process review and enhancement
  • Training in many aspects of testing
  • Development and execution of test plans and test cases
  • Review and selection of automated test tools, for both functional and performance testing
  • Implementation of automation tools
  • Development of frameworks to enhance the efficiency of automation tools

Repeat Business

Our Service Guarantee

We are Accountable

The reason many leading organisations continue to work with TestPro is that they benefit from the application of our experience and skills, which bring clarity, leadership and accountability to the area of quality-related risk and the associated testing functions.

Streamline your Testing

Typically we find significant efficiency gains for clients by reviewing existing processes and work practices and then streamlining these activities by implementing standards and common frameworks for teams to work within.

Review your Key Process Areas

Many clients identify Test Management as a key process area. TestPro combines test management skills with a strategic understanding of the project context and constraints to ensure that an appropriate balance is achieved with test implementation. This provides your team with the necessary direction to control the planning and design of testing.

Engagement Models

Clients engage TestPro in a variety of models. Some are seeking supplementary testing skills to enhance an existing team and/or accelerate an implentation; some seek Test Strategy and Management guidance.


Some clients choose to outsource most or all of their testing function for projects or product lines. If the outsource model is best suited to your situation, TestPro has the expertise and capabilities to adapt to changing needs and circumstances and deliver practical results on time and on budget.

Test Automation and Frameworks

Automation of functional testing requirements is a task that is easy to underestimate. Typically it requires a significant investment in effort and time for any individual project.

Key Benefits

The key benefit of automated testing is to increase test efficiency and reduce test maintenance so that testing becomes repeatable, fast and less intensive.

Setting up a Test Automation Framework

We are able to provide both the competency and an automation framework for you. Furthermore we can optimally implement automation and see a quick ROI.

Framework Support and Training

We also undertake skills transfer and implement supporting processes to ensure automation remains effective for the whole life cycle of a project.

Test Tools

TestPro is a partner with leading automation tool vendors, including HP and IBM Rational and we can provide a variety of implementation and support services for these products. We are also experienced with a variety of other tools including Open Source options.

Ask us for a Proof of Concept

What else do we do?

We can provide skills across the entire testing spectrum, including Test Leads, Automation Specialists, Performance Specialists and Test Analysts.

Proof-of-concept engagements (POCs) are an excellent, low-risk, way to prove how TAF Pro framework or RFT could change the way you work. Typically lasting from 4-8 days a POC engagement enables you to do something previously thought impractical or impossible, or it may simply increase the efficiency with which a common task can be performed.

In general these engagements will focus on specific features with maximum potential impact for your business, and they will aim to deliver a demonstration system you can use to make an informed evaluation of TestPro’s proposed approach.

TestPro recognize that each engagement is unique, and a POC provides your business with the opportunity to get customized first hand knowledge and experience of TestPro’s approach to automated testing; whilst minimising both the risk to your business, and interruption to its operations.