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Improves efficiency & ROI of Test Automation

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TAFPro enables Business Users to Test Complex Requirements

Our application improves deployment and upgrade efficiency and reduce project and application life cycle costs. It also enables business users to easily test complex requirements.

TAF Pro Integrates with Leading Industry Tools

TestPro has developed TAF Pro as an integrated solution with the IBM testing tools, RFT and RQM. This integration enhances the automation capabilities of these tools and significantly increases the business value obtained from test automation.

TAF Pro Simplifies Automation

Most importantly, TAF simplifies test automation and test data management, so that Business Users and Business Testers can develop and execute their own test suites.

TAF Pro is Portable

TAF operates either as a standalone solution with RFT, or it can be used in conjunction with the management capabilities of RQM to control the automation execution process, data management and ensure complete execution of test suites.

TAF Pro creates Test Maturity

TAF Pro provides an out of the box, mature automation framework which immediately offers enhancements to how Rational Functional Tester is used, for example:

  • Data Management where multiple data groups can be attached to any single automation script
  • Data grouping so that automation works as a process not a single script
  • Maximises the reuse of scripts and data which minimises maintenance
  • Provides flexible filtering allowing tests to be executed against exactly the desired test data
  • Provides the ability to operate against any number of environments within one automation suite
  • Provides managerial, business analyst and automation level access to ensure maximum productivity from the team
Listen to our Podcast about TAF Pro

Listen to an IBM Preferred Software Podcast with Scott Marchant the Managing Director of TestPro. Scott recounts examples of how TAF assists clients to accelerate the implementation of test automation and improve the reliability and usability of key systems.

TAF Pro Quickly Improves Efficiency

You achieve much greater efficiency in your testing using TAF, which results in shorter testing cycles. This means the same testing can be achieved at a lower cost, or more thorough testing can be achieved at the same cost.

Generally, you can achieve a full payback on an investment in TAF in 1-2 test cycles. Other key benefits include:

  • The riskier parts of a system can be tested more frequently and more thoroughly using automated regression testing.
  • It is simpler to involve the business in testing as they can focus on preparing their test data and test cases, rather than the technicalities of a test tool.

Integrate TAF Pro with your Existing Test Tools

Products that Integrate

You can also leverage our automation expertise to assist you to implement automation using HP (Mercury) tools, such as QTP, BPT and Quality Center. There are several different approaches that can be used, depending upon your suite of HP tools and systems to be tested.