Test Strategy & Management

What’s the difference?

Why the Distinction is so Important!

Test Strategy is deciding how to approach the testing in terms of people, tools, procedures and support.

Test Management provides the necessary direction to control the planning, design and execution of testing.

Testing as an Afterthought

Unfortunately, testing is sometimes an after-thought in a software project and, even when a clear testing strategy is in place, it may not always be well managed. TestPro is able to provide Test Managers capable of managing all aspects of testing projects.

Leverage our Expertise

You can leverage TestPro’s skilled specialists and broad experience in in test strategy and test management to optimise your test projects. We can provide Test Managers on short or long term assignments to manage and guide your testing projects through to successful completion.

We can Manage Everything

Our Test Managers bring strong testing experience and are responsible for ensuring that all the necessary resources are in place to implement your testing strategy on time and within budget. They will report weekly to ensure full transparency of progress and risks during the testing process.

Learn more about Best Practices

You can also benefit from our strategic understanding of automation principles and how they can enhance existing test practices.

Optimise your Approach

By providing skills in test strategy, management and automation, we can combine the manual and automated testing processes to ensure that an appropriate balance exists and the optimum approach is navigated.

Test Strategy & Management cover core test areas:

  • Planning, Design, Execution
  • Ensuring test cases are developed to specification
  • Test Execution and Defect Tracking
  • Team Management
  • Stakeholder Liaison
  • Vendor management
  • Release Management

Functions applying to all forms of testing:

  • Unit, Component
  • Functional
  • Integration, Interface, Systems
  • Load and Performance
  • User Acceptance Testing
What else do we do?

We can provide skills across the entire testing spectrum, including Test Leads, Automation Specialist, Performance Specialists and Test Analysts.