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GoMidgets Products & Services

General Information

GoMidjets provides products and services for configuration management (CM) and application life-cycle management (ALM). The company specializes in IBM Rational products and heterogeneous environments.

Harness Productivity

GoMidjets develops productivity plug-ins that solve common problem in IBM Rational ClearCase through task automation to save time and prevent costly mistakes.

The GoMidget Software Suite

  • ClearEnv automatically installs development environments in ClearCase, with a special focus on heterogeneous systems, Agile methodology, and advanced projects
  • ClearEnv is an add-on for IBM Rational ClearCase and intended for developers and CM administrators. It offers a smart and simple alternative to the ClearCase UCM “Join Project” procedure
  • ClearEnv’s main purpose is to let end-users (developers, team-leaders, QA staff and technical writers) automatically and independently create their own environments (ClearCase streams and views). This goal is achieved by using methodologies that are pre-defined by the CM administrator

ClearCheck automatically checks database health in development environments, contributing to business continuity and risk mitigation.

ClearCheck works as follows

  • The CM administrator defines the ClearCase VOBs server host, the type of checks, which VOBs to check and the frequency of checks
  • ClearCheck executes the checks and recognizes problems, if they exist. This execution includes dbcheck, checkvob and rgy_check commands
  • ClearCheck collects any problems found and sends them as a compact mail to the CM administrator. It may suggest solutions and provide links to the IBM knowledge-base


CompBL is an advanced version comparison for better control of R&D process and gathering Business Intelligence (BI) about development processes.

CompBLcompares baselines, streams, activities and composite baselines. It can filter out internal activities (”rebase” and “deliver” activities) and produce a report which contains the activity’s files and versions (change-set), a report you copy & paste into your release notes or any other document.