Your testing is only as good as your requirements

Don’t get out of Scope

We can assist you to define and implement industry best practices in Requirements Definition, Requirements Engineering and Requirements Management.

Eliminate Scope Creep

Studies indicate that poor requirements management practices create unnecessary project costs and can cause overruns of as much as 60% in both on time and budget and organisations with poor business analysis capabilities had three times as many project failures as successes. If you can’t define the right requirements and manage scope, a project is likely to go off track.

Define and Document your Requirements

Equally, for an effective testing process, properly defined and managed requirements to test for are clearly an imperative. You can make the testing phase more efficient and cut project overruns by reducing the number of inaccurate, incomplete and omitted requirements and linking requirements to test plans and test cases for traceability.

Choose a Methodology

Using our proven requirements definition and management methodology, TestPro can assist you to define and implement a Requirements Definition and Management Process and provide supporting tools as necessary. Leveraging our extensive project experience, we can help you to build a solid foundation for your project using recognised industry standards and tools. The solution is flexible and scalable and supports achievement of project deadlines whilst ensuring high quality and relevant requirements are established and maintained.

Get the Right Tools

Generally we recommend IBM tools, because IBM is a leader in Requirements Management and its products enable you to follow best practice in requirements definition, requirements engineering and requirements management. These products

  • IBM Rational Collaborative Life Cycle Management® (CLM)

IBM’s CLM solution is an integrated Application Lifecycle Management solution comprising of 3 products. These are IBM Rational® Requirements Composer, IBM Rational® Team Concert and IBM Rational® Quality Manager. CLM is used to coordinate software development activities across business and system requirements, design, development, build, test and delivery.

Watch the Rational Team Concert video!

Product Information is available on the IBM website.

  • IBM Rational Requirements Composer®

Rational® Requirements Composer helps teams define and use requirements effectively across the project life cycle. Gather, define and validate requirements with your stakeholders using textual and visual techniques in this Jazz-based, collaborative and streamlined solution.

Watch the Requirements Composer integrated with RQM video!

Product Information is available on the IBM website.

  • IBM Rational RequisitePro®

Tools for project teams to manage requirements, write good use cases, improve traceability, strengthen collaboration, reduce project rework and increase quality for organisations creating application software. Some of these include:

  1. Financial services Web applications
  2. Retail point-of-sale solutions
  3. Communications services
  4. Large payroll applications

Product Information is available on the IBM website.

  • IBM Rational DOORS®

A leading requirements management application for more formal, rigorous requirements engineering and organisations creating manufactured systems and products. DOORS is used in industries such as:

  1. Avionic and defence systems
  2. Automotive products
  3. Medical devices and pharmaceutical IT systems
  4. Transportation infrastructure

Product Information is available on the IBM website.