Why Kiuwan?

There is no longer an excuse for bad code: Kiuwan is a revolutionary, cloud based, 100% secure code analysis tool and it is the first real solution to measure analyze your software quality in the cloud.
Kiuwan gives you high level indicators, about risk, quality and technical debt in your software development. At the same time, it provides details on intrinsic code metrics and detected defects found in your applications.

Kiuwan Features

  • Source code static analysis, based on a set of its own analyzers, either locally, by a downloadable agent that allows you not to upload your code, or in the cloud, uploading the code to Kiuwan’s web page.
  • Use of third-party rulesets. Kiuwan can enrich its quality models with rules imported from other static analysis tools, like PMD, checkstyle or Findbugs, and use them in its local analyzer.
  • Getting over 1,200 software quality metrics: number of violations, complexity, design, volumetric…
  • Duplicated code detection.
  • Getting software quality and security indicators, necessary for the government and the software applications portfolio management: Risk —associated to code’s structural quality—; Quality Index; Effort of repairing defects (“Effort to Target”); Technical Debt…
  • Viewing, through dashboards, the obtained results.
  • Defects mute, to avoid false positives or rules exceptions.
  • Action plan, including proposed changes to reduce software maintenance effort and, therefore, its TCO, with the ability to export this plan to issues tracking tools as Atlassian JIRA.
  • Analysis historical results
  • Results comparison with other applications’ —benchmarking—.
  • Automatic reports generation at executive and detail levels.
  • Global view, through a “decision quadrant”, to quickly obtain the health status of all our developments, or an “application ranking” that lets you see all your applications from different views.
  • Support and management of the quality models recognized by the industry or elaborated by customers, with versioning capability to facilitate the measurement of different types of applications.
  • Specially designed to implement continuous code inspection, with integration capabilities (RESTfull API) in its Development Process (ALM) and DevOps, allowing to automate and know at all times the status of the applications quality and security. If offers integration with JIRA, Jenkins, IBM UrbanCode, CloudBees…
  • Ability to group applications in portfolios.


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Kiuwan analyzers have much precision in seeking defects and code vulnerabilities. However, one of Kiuwan’s highlights is its ability to present information (dashboards and reports) for making decisions based on our applications quality and security. The views, diagrams and Kiuwan reports show information which is relevant for applications management, such as:knowing the risk, the technical debt or the effort to repair your applications portfolio.And, depending on the function your company has, Kiuwan gives this information in just one application, a group or your whole portfolio (global).

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