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TestPro has the experience to assist you with a SAP implementation to make the testing of the deployment more time and cost efficient.

We offer a range of solutions for SAP deployments and upgrades, from Test Management, Performance and Load Testing, Test Automation solutions and Manual Testing.

SAP implementations can provide significant challenges and most organisations customise SAP to some degree. Also, by adding specific data sets, company and product codes, small configurations may cause performance and functional issues.

These configuration plus standard setup issues can lead to performance problems. Many installations also need to regression test regularly due to patches from SAP.

TestPro has the skills and experience to assist you to test the various aspects of an SAP implementation in a time and cost effective manner. We blend our rich experience in managing and executing testing projects for SAP implementations. These are generally:

  • More efficient (from a time and cost perspective) and
  • More effective (test more thoroughly in the available time to achieve better quality)

We can assist you to:

  • Standardise your their approach to SAP testing and create and manage test assets strategically, making them consistent and reusable
  • Create a set of reusable test components that will simplify regression testing for future SAP releases
  • Verify the performance of your SAP system under a different load and stress conditions. See the IBM whitepaper on load testing SAP ABAP Web Dynpro applications
  • Consolidate the project test artifacts i.e. tests plans, test cases, test scripts and defects into a Testing tool such as HP Quality Center
  • Implement and integrate quality processes through the BluePrint, Realisation and Implementation phases of the SAP project.

TestPro practitioners are experienced with leading test automation tools and frameworks. We understand how to implement automation for SAP projects with minimal overhead and provide large gains compared to manual testing.


TestPro SAP Testing Solutions brochure

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