Wireless Technology is Changing the Landscape!

Mobile Devices & Applications

Mobile Devices are seeing enterprise wide adoption globally. This means applications need to be adaptive supporting multiple operating systems, varied user interface styles and protocols.

TestPro has significant experience in automated testing. With this expertise, TestPro can deliver automated testing of mobile applications faster and at a lower risk of failure to your project. Our knowledge and experience ensures we make informed decisions.


Web based Applications are our Specialty!

Web Applications

Front End Functional Testing

Let us create an automated regression suite for you with the option of ongoing support and reporting. Our testing services are backed by the resources of our Compatibility Testing Lab. That is, we will provide all your test and optimisation needs (or just the specific services you require).

Additionally, we test both front and backends and automate tests where it makes sense so as to ensure the GUI and other functionality is behaving as expected when processing large amounts of throughput (data). We also test Web Services and other middleware such as JMS Messaging Queues as isolated components, if requested.

Clear skys are ahead with expert TestPro SCE Testing

Testing in the Cloud

TestPro offers Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud computing is the newest hot topic in IT. At TestPro, we often encounter customers who hear of new technological innovations but do not have time to find out what it really is and how if at all their company might benefit from utilising it. Testing in the Cloud is just one of these innovations.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is quite simply provisioned hardware somewhere in the world that can be available to you via VPN and configured to your requirements. There are different levels of sophistication available. These include prebuilt spec instances with various memory and storage allocations, while others are as simple as telling the provider what environment you require. These are setup and made available to you usually within the day with full administration rights for you to install and further configure as needed.

Infrastructure at your Fingertips

Cloud technology is about having infrastructure available at your finger tips without needing to procure and provision that hardware yourself. In the busy life of IT specialists and the ever shrinking timelines to deliver projects on tighter budgets, this facility of on-demand availability has the potential to give you greater cost savings and avoid the hassle of delays due to constraints around system availability.

Pay As You Go

‘Pay as you use’ facilities in the cloud is available with software testing providers. For example IBM allows you to build instances from a predefined catalogue of different operating systems, CPU capacity, memory allocation and storage space to suit your needs.


In this ever increasing innovative industry we are able to work from home or on the road. VPN capability to the cloud allows the instances to be accessed from anywhere in the world. With a dedicated IP address available for the live of the usage, users are not restricted by location. You can log in from anywhere and at any time without the need for connectivity to an internal business network and special access provisioned.

Accommodates Different Types of Testing

Both Performance and Functional testing can be undertaken with cloud technology providing accurate user experience and acceptance in the cloud environment.

Experience the Cloud with TestPro

We have a broad range of clients operating in a diverse range of industries and hence, we are often exposed to all the restrictions and challenges associated to resource availability. In several of our large sites we have utilised the capability of the cloud to isolate and dedicate test environments for the duration of the project.