Maximo Enterprise CMS

Maximo Testing


TestPro has specificp expertise to assist you with a Maximo implementation to make the testing of the deployment, or upgrade more time and cost efficient.

We offer a range of solutions for Maximo deployments and upgrades, from Test Management, Performance and Load Testing, Test Automation solutions and Manual Testing.

We blend our rich experience in managing and executing testing projects with capability in Maximo implementations, to make the testing of Maximo deployments more efficient and cost effective.

In particular we have developed a capability to implement test automation for Maximo implementations using TAF, our Test Automation Framework as illustrated by the video you can watch below.

By taking a structured and planned approach to a Maximo assignment, we can assist you to:

  • Create and manage test assets strategically, making them consistent and reusable
  • Using TAF, cost effectively build a set of reusable test automation assets components that will simplify regression testing for future Maximo releases
  • Validate the performance of your Maximo system under a range different load and stress conditions.

TestPro practitioners are experienced with test automation and understand how to implement implement automation for large projects with minimal overhead and provide large time and efficiency gains compared with manual testing.