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Application Security & Penetration Testing

Why do I need it?

Application security testing involves the repeated execution of defined tests to confirm the absence of security vulnerabilities. Overall, application quality needs to include not only functionality and performance, but also web application security. You may already be aware of the need to test public facing web applications for security vulnerabilities.

You may also know that whilst some security vulnerabilities exist in your web server or application infrastructure, at least 90 percent of those vulnerabilities exist in the web application itself. Therefore, to address web application security, you must treat these security vulnerabilities as defects. As such, application security needs to be incorporated into your existing quality management practices within the software development life cycle.

As you address this issue, you may also discover that your in-house security professionals need assistance with this testing, because you have too many web applications and vulnerabilities for them to test by themselves. The solution is to extend the security testing team by including QA teams (and developers if your code is developed in-house) in the process.

Security testing involves the repeated execution of defined tests to confirm the absence of vulnerabilities and is best accomplished using test automation tools. TestPro can assist you with application security testing by:

  • Conducting vulnerability assessments on web based applications
  • Supplying security tools and products
  • Configuring environments and training

Security & Penetration Testing Tools

For information regarding the best products to use for application security:

TestPro can supply and implement application security testing tools from major vendors.